Cargo Insurance Claims Handler – Kent to £25,000

Great Opportunity!

Who do we need?

We are looking for an experienced Claims Handler with expertise in the transport (goods in transit), legal and insurance sectors.

About the employer

Our client specialises in obtaining recovery from the party which has caused the damage or loss which led to a claim can significantly reduce clients’ net claim costs. Prompt action needs to be taken as soon as the claim is known to ensure the correct evidence is secured, guilty parties are held responsible and security is obtained where warranted.

You will work with a team of multi-skilled claims handlers with background in the transport, legal and insurance field.

Claims are allocated to them with regard to the commodity, mode of transport, location of claim etc. Case Handlers consult with each other and other members of our team for appropriate technical or legal input.

All their regional offices handle Cargo Recoveries. This enables them to allocate the handling of recovery aspects to the most relevant office taking into account factors such as the location where the damage has occurred, where opponents are based, the applicable jurisdiction etc.

What experience and skills are we looking for?

Previous recent experience of ports and terminal claims will be an advantage.

Applicants should have a good working knowledge of domestic and international carriage conditions, applicable to claims arising by air, sea and / or land.